London Oxford Airport Minibus Hire operates 8 seater 12 seater 14 seater 16 seater 24 seater minibuses in London.

London Oxford Airport is based in Cherwell and is located in Oxfordshire.  It is also known under the names of Oxford Airport and Kidlington Airport and is privately owned.  It is closely linked to the Oxford Aviation Academy as well as the Oxford Aviation Training which is well renowned all over the world.  Over the years it carried out commercial training and even though it still does today, the activity has been in decline.  The airport is licensed under CAA.

London Oxford Airport first came into existence in the year 1935 and was run by the Oxford City Council.  It later became part of the RAF and flight activity was at its peak as a result.  Previous owners include BBA Aviation PLC and some of the key airline operators today include Air South West and City-Jet.

We can provide you with a proper pick up and drop off service to the airport and back to your desired location.  All drivers will be fully trained and they will fully organise a meeting point as well as luggage transfer within the vehicle.