London Biggin Hill Airport Minibus Hire operates 8 seater 12 seater 14 seater 16 seater 24 seater minibuses in London.

London Biggin Hill Airport is based in the Borough of Bromley and is located in Biggin Hill.  This south London airport has an RAF history and had a big presence during the Second World War.  It was one of the main fighter bases for the Capital and well over 1,000 aircrafts were launched from this site.

The airport has a CAA licence and can fully carry out flying instructions as well as flights for public transport.  However it does not an airline service but focuses on private and business flights.  Even though there are no commercial flights there will soon be some services from City-Jet and Flybe.

The airport came into existence during 1917 and was part of air defence.  It has a big history of carrying out experiments and anti aircraft defending, design, flying at night and much more.

Minibus London and Coach Hire can provide you with a pick up and drop off service to and from the airport and we will make sure that a mutual meeting point is confirmed and that you are taken to the location of your choice.