72 Seater Coach

A 72 Seater coach is a large commercial vehicle which will have many excellent features as well as large inside space.  It will be suitable for all journeys that require such a size and this will definitely have to mean that a very large group must be making the booking.

A standard 72 seater coach can offer features such as seat belts, luggage space, air ventilation, double glazed windows, CD player, fire extinguisher, toilet, wash basin and also a first aid kit.

An executive 72 seater coach will have facilities such as leather seating, air conditioning, kitchen, bathroom, hot and cold drink dispensers, food storage, PA systems, DVD player, CD player, microphone system and much more.

Please note that all vehicles will come with fully trained drivers who will have the right knowledge in relation to the destination you wish to travel to.  We always ask customers to ring us or send us an email if they require any specific information regarding any of our vehicles.

Some of the main journeys under this vehicle have been conferences, long distance travel, holidays, school and college trips and also trips abroad.