49 Seater Coach

A 49 seater coach is a large vehicle for commercial use and it can offer ample space as well as many excellent features.  It is actually one of the popular vehicles when it comes to booking a coach as it can be classed as mid-range if we consider coaches on their own.

With vast comfort such coaches as also known for withstanding long distance journeys and this can be coupled with the many amenities.  These will include full carpet, DVD player, PA system, CD player, monitor, side door access, washrooms, tables, kitchen, air conditioning, internet, sockets for mobile phones and laptops, seat belts with 3 point safety, satellite navigation and foot rests.

If you require further details on any of the features or require details of a specific vehicle then please do not hesitate to contact our telephone helpline number as well as filling in the online enquiry form.

Some of the common journeys made on this type of vehicle include long distance drop off, sightseeing, school trips, conferences, football matches, racing events, public service trips, business meetings for large groups and much more.