A 36 seater coach can be classed as a large commercial vehicle which will be spacious and it will offer many amenities.  It will be ideal for many events and can work out as a convenient and safe way to travel.

Such a vehicle can offer many excellent facilities and these can include reclining seats, seat belts with full safety features, climate control, double glazed windows, sound system, public address system, fridge, beverages both hot and cold, on board toilet, washroom including sink, a telephone, monitor, CCTV, video, DVD, microphone system and much more.  Overnight availability may be available with such a service.

A 36 seater coach may be available in the executive range and these can have some extra features such as leather seating, air conditioning, panoramic windows, PA system, built in kitchen with tea and coffee facilities and much more.

Some of the main booking under this vehicle have included journeys to meetings, conferences, school trips, public service events, race day events, weddings, sports events and also sightseeing trips.