A 24 seater minicoach is still considered mid-range but it will possess a good inside space as well as many distinct features.

Some of the key facilities will include air conditioning, seat belts, entertainment system, luggage storage, robust figure, fire extinguisher, rear glass door, first aid kit, slip resistant flooring and also comfortable seating.  Some of the most common vehicles under this size are Ford, Renault and Citroen.  However some of the journeys have been booked under the Mercedes Benz vehicle types.  Each type of vehicle supplied will depend on the circumstances.

Mention has to be made to the fact that a 24 seater minicoach will probably not accommodate a toilet and a sink.  You can ring us on our telephone helpline for more details on specific features.

Over the years we have experienced bookings under this vehicle type to include small holidays, camping, school trips, conferences, meetings, residential trips, charity events, business visits and corporate events.  We guarantee that we can provide a service which will be cost effective and convenient.